Two common misconceptions about hotels that are used as wedding venues

Two common misconceptions about hotels that are used as wedding venues

Two common misconceptions about hotels that are used as wedding venues

1 August 2023
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Here are two common misconceptions about hotels that are used as wedding venues.

This type of venue is noisy and lacks privacy due to the presence of other guests

One misconception about hotel wedding venues is that they are noisy, and cannot offer wedding parties the level of privacy these groups might prefer, due to the presence of other hotel guests on the premises. In reality, hotels that host weddings make every effort to offer couples and their guests a peaceful, private environment in which to celebrate their weddings. For example, the reception rooms in these hotels are often soundproofed.

This means that the wedding guests within these rooms can converse, dance and sing as freely and loudly as they want to, without other random hotel guests on the premises overhearing them or complaining about the noise. Furthermore, hotel management teams can also set up a barrier outside the reception room in which a wedding is being held, to prevent uninvited people who might be staying in the hotel from wandering in.

Furthermore, if a couple wants their wedding guests who'll be staying overnight at the hotel to have as much privacy as possible, the hotel management may allow them to book an entire floor of the hotel specifically for these guests. This would allow these people to get ready together before the celebrations and socialise with one another afterwards without encountering lots of other hotel guests they don't know.

This type of venue is unusually expensive

Another misconception about hotels that function as wedding venues is that they're much more expensive than other venues like country clubs, renovated barns or stately homes. Whilst there are luxury hotels whose fees for hosting weddings are higher than average, there are numerous affordable hotels that can be used as wedding venues, too. Even in instances where an engaged couple wants to book a high-end hotel, there could still be many ways for them to make their special day at this wedding venue more affordable.

For example, if a couple chooses to host their wedding at a luxury hotel during the venue's off-peak season, on a weekday rather than a weekend, the fee for using this venue would probably be far less costly than if they held their wedding during its peak season, on a weekend. Furthermore, hotels that host weddings regularly often offer affordable wedding package deals, that can include a lot of different services (such as the provision of food, reception decor and furniture, entertainment, etc.) which can make them very budget-friendly overall.

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